Globe SIM Registration

It’s the responsibility of the user to do the Globe sim registration as per the formal instructions. Recently, there have been strict advice that everyone must complete the prepaid or postpaid SIM card registration globe right after purchase. With this, old customers are also request to register before a specific date. Otherwise, the company will block the SIM card and its recovery is also possible after a detailed verification. So, better is to complete things on time because these all steps are taking for the betterment of customers.

Why Register?

Now security is necessary from anything else that’s why registering your Globe SIM ties your identity to your mobile number. This simple act is a powerful deterrent against fraudulent activities and ensures that you, and only you, have control over your mobile services.

With your SIM registered, the possibilities are endless. You gain access to a suite of Globe innovative services, from high speed internet packages to international roaming. They also respects your data. Register process by Globe is conduct in strict way with privacy, guaranteeing that your personal information is used only by you.

New Globe SIM Registration Online

You need to register Globe SIM in their name because the active SIM without registration have been closed by the company. Further, a complete procedure in detail about globe SIM registration is really straightforward. For more easiness, a link and portal is establish that work more fast and effectively.

Link to Register a Globe SIM Card:

Basically, Globe network offers 7 different types of SIM which are used for a specific purpose but each SIM registration procedure and method is unique. Every of the way is step by step noted in the tables.

For Prepaid SIM:

The deadline for Globe prepaid SIM registration has passed. Anyone who has not registered now want to check how to register. So, all requirement for the registration process is simple, and if you complete the process then a confirmation message via text with the registration number will sent to your number.

Number 1 Just buy a prepaid new SIM then for registration purposes “Click Here”.
2 On the Screen, the Box will show and you will necessary to write a complete number.
3 On your number company will send a “Special OTP Code”.
4 Within five minutes you need to enter 6 digit code which have been received through SMS.
5 After entering the OTP code company will start your sim registration process.
6 They will require some additional information like Name, Father’s name, DOB, etc.
7 Capture a selfie and click on the Government ID option. Further, you need to upload a government ID copy.
8 Click on the “Accept” term and condition options.
9 Further, click on the submit button.
Final Your registration process will be completed and a reference number will appear on your screen for future proof.
  • Next is:

Postpaid Number:

Some people said that the Globe postpaid number is not working. So without completion of Globe postpaid SIM registration, your number has been blocked by the company. Now you can register through just download. If one is using or buying a postpaid SIM now follow the below steps for registration.

  1. From Globe company, you will receive a text message regarding your details like Data.
  2. You will write “SIMREG” in the message box and send it to 8080 to confirm about details and registration.
  3. When your registration process is complete then the official will send a message of confirmation.

NOTE: The process of Postpaid and Platinum registration is the same, not different.

GlobeOne App for Registration

For registration purposes, Globe introduces a mobile app for new and old sim registration. This is the easiest way to register instant Globe SIM through an application. Follow the below instructions if you never know how to use or register a SIM through an application.

  • Open “GlobeOne App” and click on “Register Your SIM”.

  • Choose Globe Account and put the exact SIM Number.

  • Then you will necessary to wait a few minutes for confirmation.


No 1 When you buy a new SIM you will provide some information to the agent and the company will confirm from a user through SMS about registration.
2 If whole details are accurate then just type “SIMREG” and write account No, Wireless / Home contact number to send on 268204.
3 After registration company will deliver a confirmation SMS to your registered number.

Globe Home Prepaid Wifi Sim Registration:

Respected customers of home Prepaid wifi kit and have been blocked by the company side now can reactivate but you need to first register. So, the process registration of registration is here.

Buy the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi kit from the official store.
You need to manually set of Modem like attaching it to a power adapter and turning it on the device.
First download BlobeOne App and set account.
Enter the Number and click on Register Your SIM Now.
Registration form will show and you will completely fill with valid details.
Further, upload a picture and a Government ID.
Accept the terms and conditions.
Lastly, click on the submit option.
OTP code will be sent to your register number and you will enter within five minutes.
  • MYFI:
  1. Mifi device connects with mobile manual and browse
  2. The dashboard will open on the mobile screen and you will log in. {If you have a don’t account then you can create}.
  3. Open the “SMS” box.
  4. For registration purposes, the company sends a unique URL where you also register. That’s why open SMS and click on a link.
  5. Register Form will show and enter your MyFi number.
  6. Click on the Registration Button.
  7. The company will send an OTP SMS to your number and you will enter under 5 minutes.
  8. Another form will appear on the screen and only fill it completely with valid information.
  9. At the end upload their image along Government ID.
  10. Accept all terms and click on the submit option.
  11. Your registration process will be successfully complete.

Note: The same method is used for existing users. Morover, the data promo are also for any of customer that they use net in cheap rates.

Globe Assisted Registration Sites

Sometimes people read all the instructions but still, they never know how to perform. Now Globe company opened official stores in different locations in the Philippines. There visit is possible at any time during working hours and register SIM. Further, which cities where stores are situated are in chart:

Assisted Registration Sites

Accepted ID

At this time, 17 different IDs are to register new and existing Globe SIMs. But 6 basic documents which exist every time in people’s pockets are list in the chart.

Passport National ID Social Security Service ID
Driver’s License Voter’s ID Senior Citizen’s Card

www Sim Registration new. globe. com. ph/simreg Online

The company is committed that without registration no individual can use Globe SIM. You need to register first and then use it. Existing users & new are searching which links or URLs where SIM can register. For audience knowledge specified URL which just works for registration is now here.


This online way is ideal for those who bought new SIM for the globe network but now unaware of the new globe com ph registration.

  1. After buy new SIM, best is to register online.
  2. No need to visit the nearest outlet of Globe SIM.
  3. Open the official portal of Globe SIM.
  4. Enter the required information which is require on the Portal.
  5. Receive the verification code and then enter it too.
  6. Your SIM will register by the company and verification of registration SMS is also forward to your number.

Deadline in Philippines

Registration of Globe SIM is always open but the company final a deadline for those who buy the sim when this role was not properly on board. Now, this is necessary to register before 30 July 2023 otherwise company will block your number.

Last Date 30 July 2023


Yes, they moved all systems online because no need to go on an official franchise. Just open the Globe Sim registration portal and enter all the required information. Through the portal registration process will be final in a while.

When your sim is active and you need to check balance, then they have its solution too. At anytime, user can get this service too.

Selfie Problem:

  • Sometimes due to heavy load, Globe sim registration selfie not working and people cannot complete further process.
  • Basically, the number of users is high so that’s why the portal’s working.
  • According to the company statement, you will retry after a few minutes.

Globe Contact Number Philippines:

Users may face some of problems during SIM Registration are looking contact number of the customer care officer of Globe SIM. The company issued an Email and Phone Number to provide additional info on call to the audience.

Email ID [email protected]
Phone Number (02) 7730-1288

How to Check if Globe SIM is Registered or Not?

Few are completing their registration procedure but now confuse and finding how to check if SIM is register or not. They have introduced a unique code just for the check of registration status.

  • Type in Message Box “SIMREG” and send on “8080“.
  • Registration status will then show on your screen.

Is Globe SIM registration mandatory?

For sure, for continued service and to comply with regulatory requirements, SIM registration is must for all users.

Can I update my information after registration?

Its possible to update your information through the Globe customer service channels.

What if my Globe SIM is already registered under someone else name?

In this scenario, one should contact customer service to update the registration information to your name. But, it must to prove that you are eligible too.

I lost my SIM card. How do I register a new one?

User can again register the new Globe SIM by following the standard registration process with the current or updated information.

All those SIMS have been issued before Dec 2022 and after this are necessary to register with Globe Company and then they eligible for use. To stop Spam and Scams Govt imposed a new act for all Globe user SIM Registration. People looking at Globe Sim Registration which you can do in different ways. For user information company issued a deadline to block all old SIMS if you do not complete their registration by 30 Jul 2023. So, don’t panic and worry because all registration methods for Prepaid, Platinum, Myfi, Globe at Home prepaid Wifi, and postpaid users can read and register.